The goal at SFFSI is to establish habits of good health through exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest and stress management. Our approach emphasizes the cultivation of life-long health. Our program includes, a comprehensive six month Guided Imagery program, individualized care, client advocacy, crisis intervention, wellness services, intensive diagnostic work, long-term follow up, a full day treatment program with an active prevocational and vocational component, outreach to develop linkages with the general social service system, and counseling to aid clients in developing the skills to move toward a more peaceful existence. Guided Imagery has become increasingly more popular as a therapy for mental distress as it is non invasive and there is no judgement, which allows for an acceptance of reality. Additionally, it closes the gap between symptom-centered procedures and the great psychoanalytic cure. Imageries can be composed for any situation, such as, breaking old habits and patterns, mood dis-orders, removal of prior trauma, increase social understanding, symptom removal, personal growth, stress reduction, and pain control. Our Guided Imagery program will be complimentary to the client's current treatment plan, unless discussed otherwise with client and/or whomever is responsible for clients care. SFFSI will offer additional therapies that we strongly encourage clients to incorporate into their lifestyles for optimum long term health and balance.

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