Our Mission

Mission Statement

Sol Foundation for Schizophrenia is a non profit organization dedicated to the research of treatment for Schizophrenia and related mind dis-orders. We conduct holistic programs inspiring hope through artistic outlets and innovative therapies.

Message from our Founder

When you're in your Alpha, and your bodymind is tuned into the universal pulse that resonates in all living things.. When your being is in balance. Where your creativity soars and your mind is strengthened allowing you to reach a higher level of consciousness. Where laughter and movement are plentiful and wellness is of utmost importance. We invite you to experience your light..BREATHE

Sol Development Project

The Sol House - Sedona, AZ:
Set amongst the calming red rocks of Sedona, the Sol House will be a combined center, providing medium to long term deluxe accommodations and offering a variety of holistic services. The house will be staffed 24 hours a day with compassionate, certified caregivers. Our focus will be to provide our clients with a sanctuary incorporating love, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and some integrative therapies, helping women recognize their full potential.
Please contact alex@sffsi.org for ful details on Sol Development Project.

The Sol Day Center - Los Angeles, CA:
This facility will be the hub of our research and therapeutic services, and will be open during normal business hours, six days per week. We will offer a wide range of therapies for clients in need. The majority of clinical research (already underway and ongoing) will be formalized and disseminated to other (eventual) Sol facilities from the Sol Day Center.
Please contact alex@sffsi.org for ful details on Sol Development Project.
All properties will be owned and managed exclusively by SFFSI. Our facilities will be environmentally friendly and built of recycled materials whenever possible.